26 Apr 2014

You can vote Green in every Brent ward on May 22nd!

The full list of candidates for the May 22nd local elections has now been published. There is a Green candidate standing in every ward in Brent with two in Willesden Green.

Brent Green Party firmly belive that every voter should be given the chance to vote Green.  This is particularly important now that the public are disenchanted with the three main parties and when there is, in reality, little difference in their policies.

The full list of candidates for each Brent ward is available HERE

24 Apr 2014

A Wish and a Kiss of Spring

Easter weekend in Cricklewood saw a thousand wishes rise into the sky. The event curated by artist Kevin Vincenzo Keating surprised residents with an installation of a ten-foot wish bone. Kevin, along with his art group, Creative Cricklewood attracted great public and media interest in an event that invited the community along to make wishes and join in other artistic events.  

The event called A Wish and a Kiss of Spring  was a celebration of spring and was dedicated to artists and the community who continue to make their area a more inspirational place. 

 kevin asked people who were making a wish, to pause and contemplate then ask themselves what was the wish they had deepest in their hearts.

The concept was to bring to the surface a wish that may not have first been apparent or had been drowned out by the white noise of life, obstructing the one thing that a person is really wishing for.

 Many people paused for a while, some came back later. Many had to think hard or dared not wish for what they really wanted.  But once the wish had surfaced they were asked to proceed through the Wish bone, awaken the wish, hold it in their hearts and go forward to make it happen.   

 The hand-made wish bone  was constructed by Kevin in his home studio in Cricklewood. It was 2 months in the making and constructed of steel fibreglass.  Kevin calls it a symbol of Art and Regeneration.

Other attractions included free live portrait drawings by Tim Major and Mary Saxe-Falstein,  music  by Zimmy van Zant ,a fashion and  hair show  by Alina Valentina Valceanu and a poem and wish writing session by Hannah Gordon where passers-by were invited to write down there wishes  and have them sent up into evening sky with air balloons. 

Kevin is hoping to tour the wish bone concept to other locations.  For further info or ideas contact Kevin

20 Apr 2014

The Great Grunwick Strike: the Past and Present Politics of Class, Racism and Gender

The Great Grunwick Strike: the Past and Present Politics of Class, Racism and Gender

StartsApr 24, 2014 06:00 PM
FinishesApr 24, 2014 08:00 PM
VenueQueens Parade. 12 Willesden Lane, Willesden Green, NW2 5HT
Booking details
Free entry; booking required

Event description

This session will feature a screening of the documentary 'The Great Grunwick Strike, 1976-78' produced by the Brent Trades Union Council. The film deals with a bitter industrial dispute involving union recognition for a workforce that was largely made up of Asian women, and which unfolded in the backstreets of Willesden Green. Trades unionists, feminists and anti-racist campaigners will join us for a discussion of the contemporary legacies of the strike: how class, ethnicity and gender overlapped and diverged during the strike itself, and how the events of that period can inform struggles for equality today.
This event is part of Birkbeck’s, Pop Up University at Queen’s Parade on Willesden Green High Street taking place from mid March until end of May to bring you a series of thought-provoking events designed to engage and inspire.  Come along to participate in free workshops, lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, debates and performances.
You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Find out more about Birkbeck courses
  • Talk through your options with a qualified careers consultant
  • Find out more about fees and funding for courses
  • Get help writing your course application
  • Gain practical hints and tips to help you return to study

Visit to find out more or email us at

18 Apr 2014

The Wish and a Kiss of spring: easter event and art installation by Kevin Vincenzo Keating

​The Wish and a Kiss of spring show will run for three days over easter from 19-21st April 
  The three day show will be exhibiting an art installation  By Kevin Vincenzo Keating dedicated to spring art and regeneration.

The Event starts at 1 pm  at the Costa site on keyes Rd..
From 2-5 pm there will be a portrait drawing session. Where the public are invited along to have thier portraits drawn free of charge. The artists that will be present are Tim Major a very talented local artist.  
And the glamorous Mary Saxe Falstein  
The invitation is still open to any one else who may want to come along on the day to Draw portraits.

 Sunday Will host a poem and wish writing workshop Where members of the public are invited to write some poetry and their wishes.  The collected wishes will be sent into the air.and kept track of on twitter. We will also be giving out plant and flower seeds for people to take and plant as they wish. The work shop will be held  by the talented Hanna gordon Who is a member of Creative Cricklewoods Shut up and Write group.   Note  The weather for cast is for rain on Sunday. As a contingency we will be holding the Dream writing workshop in the windmill pub.

Monday will be hosted by Alina  a talented local hair dresser who will be putting on a hair show a show between 2-5 pm  Dont miss this.   
There may also be some spoken word. By Hanna Gordo 

This is your show so if you feel like coming along at any time with some fun element that would enhance the event  please feel free to do so. performers and musicians welcome unplugged.

Creative Cricklewood hope to see you all there. 

2 Apr 2014

Claimant Conditionality, Sanctions and Welfare Reform A Birkbeck University 'Pop up university' event

When: 8 April, 4pm to 6pm
Where: Queens Parade, 12 Willesden Lane, Willesden Green, NW2 5HT
Claimant Conditionality, Sanctions and Welfare Reform
A Birkbeck University 'Pop up university' event led by our friend Nic Lane. Admittance free.

Alan Wheatley

11:51 AM (20 minutes ago)

This is being led by self-trained expert Nic Lane of Boycott Workfare. I'm not sure if I can make it as yet because of a prior engagement near Turnpike Lane tube that evening but can commend this evening to others and attempt a rescheduling of my evening commitment that night.

Anyhow, please circulate and try to come. Incidentally, re my Cc'ing Dan Morton and Peter Beresford of Social Work Action Network with a view to forwarding through their networks, I wonder whether social work students might be able to get academic credits for attending such events, as the content is likely to relate to their service users? Even before the 'Claimant Commitment' a great many claimants on Employment & Support Allowance 'Work Related Activity Group' have been sanctioned, for example.
Also, the Mirror reported this March:
New DWP figures have revealed the use of punitive sanctions has rocketed under the Coalition ­Government. In the year to September 2013, 897,690 people were sanctioned.
For missing an ­appointment, the ­punishment can be as harsh as one month without benefits, three months or even up to three years.


When: Tuesday 8 April, 4pm to 6pm
Where: Queens Parade, 12 Willesden Lane, Willesden Green, NW2 5HT
Claimant Conditionality, Sanctions and Welfare Reform
A Birkbeck University 'Pop up university' event led by our friend Nic Lane. Admittance free.
Event Details:
"The move towards Universal Credit has been marked by increased demands on those receiving welfare benefits and enforced by a new sanctions regime. April 2014 is due to see the new 'Claimant Conditionality' start across the UK, and the start of the Community Work Placements scheme. This session will discuss these new policies and look at strategeies to lessent their impact...."