31 Mar 2022

Introducing Jordan Harris your Green candidate for Wembley Hill


I'm delighted to be standing for the Green Party in Wembley Hill. I believe the Green Party is the only party that can bring about genuine positive change.


 I moved to London in 2017 and I previously stood for Yiewsley, in Hillingdon, in the 2018 Borough elections, where I took part in hustings.


I subsequently moved to Brent in 2021, the first time I've felt settled in London.


I'm passionate about bringing a real change to Brent and supporting its people, which Labour has failed to do for years.


I work for a mental health charity and have understood how political apathy and climate anxiety have affected people. The Green party will tackle these two issues.

24 Mar 2022

Introducing Natasha Woodward Green candidate for Brondesbury Park



Brent Council has considerable tools available to it to take more steps to address the environmental crisis including in the way it spends money and what it gives permission for.  Appropriate challenge and scrutiny are essential to ensure good intentions expressed are effective but are difficult to achieve in a council that has for so long been completely dominated by one party, the Labour Party.  Brent needs representation from different parties and a vote for the GreenParty is a vote for greater scrutiny in the light of environmental issues which cannot be separated from fairness and justice.  


I have lived and worked in Brent for 9 years and am a keen cyclist.  My‘day job’ is as an Anglican priest, presently based at Christ Church Brondesbury, home of Laurence’s Larder Community Kitchen and Food Bank.   I am chair of governors of a community school in Brent, and a postgraduate student in Environment and Sustainability.  Here I have learnt a great deal about the local community: the wonderful gifts of life in this area along with its challenges.  I am delighted to be a candidate for Brondesbury Park and offer the people here the opportunity to vote Green.  

23 Mar 2022

Brent Friends of the Earth hosted a virtual hustings on 22nd March 2022, in advance of the local Council election on May 5th

Brent Friends of the Earth hosted a virtual hustings on 22nd March 2022, in advance of the local Council election on May 5th With (in alphabetical order): Councillor Muhammed Butt (Labour) - Currently Leader of Brent Council Councillor Anton Georgiou (Liberal Democrat) - Currently representing Alperton Ward Sunita Hirani (Conservative) Candidate for Kenton Ward David Stevens (Green Party) - Candidate for Welsh Harp Ward Speakers were given an opportunity to outline their Party’s policy, and answer questions from local people on environmental matters. The meeting covered topics related to climate change, including questions on energy costs, housing, transport, the natural environment, air quality, waste and other matters of concern to local people. The meeting was chaired by locally based barrister, broadcaster and author, Hashi Mohamed.

21 Mar 2022

Introducing Sheila Simpson your Green candidate for Queens Park



I’ve lived in Brent for decades working in the NHS and Local Government supporting children and families. 


 Over the last two years it has been heartening to see Brent residents rise to challenges - pandemic, continuing cuts to public services, rising living costs and inequality – their commitment to building diverse and caring local communities is impressive. People want to be part of the solution but need a listening and effective council to deliver a fairer, healthier life.


 I am standing to offer Queens Park residents the opportunity to vote for Green values of social justice and tackling climate emergency.


 We all benefit when the majority party is firmly challenged to be open about decision-making, planning and spending and deliver on their promises to us. 


Affordable well-insulated housing, protected trees and green spaces, well-managed traffic and public transport - all need urgent action to provide cleaner, safer, greener neighbourhoods for us now and for future generations.

18 Mar 2022

Introducing Peter Murry your Green candidate for Dollis Hill


 I am standing for election to Brent council as a Green Party candidate because I wish to give voters an opportunity to express support for a political agenda which emphasises environmental and social justice and genuinely intends to enact policies which address these concerns locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 

British politics, at all levels, needs peoples’ concerns about climate change and the gross inequality and unfairness of our society to be represented; every vote for the Green Party counts towards achieving this aim

Introducing Nathan Williams your Green candidate for Kilburn ward


I’ve lived in Kilburn for almost 20 years. It’s a fantastic place but so often it can feel unloved and neglected. The High Road should be one of the jewels in Brent’s crown – yet it’s dirty, poorly maintained and polluted. Repeated promises from the council to rejuvenate Kilburn come to nothing whilst ever larger development are forced on communities without proper consultation. 


As a virtual one-party state it’s all too easy for Brent to ignore the views of ordinary people. We need voices that will stand up to the council, not toe the party line. As your councillor I would fight for Kilburn. I helped to save the much loved Hopscotch Nursery when Brent Council wanted to close it down. I care not only about the local environment but the environment more generally. 


A vote for the Green Party sends a strong message – that you want a cleaner, healthier, less polluted city. It also tells Brent Council that they can’t take your vote for granted. Give me just one of your votes and I’ll make sure the people of Kilburn have a real voice.

Introducing John Kohut your Green candidate for Cricklewood and Mapesbury ward


The people of Brent need a credible opposition to break Labour’s monopoly on council power and to hold our council to account. As a journalist for three decades at some of the world’s most trusted news organisations including Reuters, Bloomberg, WSJ, Sunday Times, and others, I have spent all my adult life challenging authority by asking questions, insisting on answers, and forming conclusions based on evidence. Not empty assertions, like the ones Brent councillors make, but carefully considered analyses based on research. My skills can serve Brent residents by pressing for clarity and transparency.


The Labour Party manifesto claims that our council spends our money wisely. But I do not believe residents agree. Witness, for example, the failed Low Traffic Neighbourhood fiasco, the full cost of which the council has not revealed. 


How can anyone know what is in the budget given the sloppy, impenetrable, incomplete way in which the council has written it? In its latest budget, the council says 48% respondents said, “that they had ‘nothing at all’ or ‘not very much’ understanding of the Council’s overall financial position and the need to both increase council tax and deliver savings.” I can press for clear, timely, plain-language communications from the council. Better yet, I can offer to help the council draw up budgets and other documents based on my experience as a financial journalist, a business executive, a consultant, a writer, and an online instructor of business writing.


I know the Labour Party from being a member of it until last year when I withdrew because of the impossibility of getting Labour councillors to discuss issues meaningfully. This includes the Equality Act of 2010, legislation passed by the last Labour government to prevent discrimination against the disabled. The councillors I have spoken with do not understand what the act means to those of us who are disabled. I have faced discrimination based on my disabilities and the Labour Party councillors just do not care. What they care about—to quote a Labour Party “activist” for disability issues--is getting elected. 


Naturally, we cannot expect everyone to know about everything that matters to us. But my councillors did not want to discuss my concerns or learn about the act. The outgoing mayor did not turn up for a phone call appointment she agreed to 18 months after promising to address my concerns. She sent my email to the council executive, a band of eight people who control the council. I have not heard back. As of writing, that was ten months ago. I am not upset because they did not agree with my views. I am shocked that they refused to discuss issues the Labour Party purports to care about.. In their budget, councillors talk about the Equality Act being at the centre of council policies. But lack of action suggests otherwise

Introducing David Stevens your Green candidiate for Welsh Harp ward



I am standing for the Greens on the basis that they are the only party that can be trusted on the environment, the other parties will say they support the environment, but then do exactly the opposite. In Labour’s case they have approved planning applications which have seen the destruction of green spaces right next to one of the mostly highly polluted roads in London, green spaces which absorb the noxious vehicle emissions. This has been done this with little or no consultation, with my fellow residents. 


Of all the boroughs Brent has one of the lowest for cycling provisions. I have lived in Brent all my life, I know its people and places, I’ve travelled all across the globe, but its the one place I call home, but I’m seeing my “home” being eroded and mismanaged, mainly for the benefit of the developers, with no thought given to local services like hospitals, schools and transport provisions. Previously I have been content to merely, when required, put my cross in a box and think I was doing my bit. However, it has become apparent that this isn’t enough, especially in a borough, where your vote is taken for granted and where there’s virtually no opposition and no democracy. I have therefore decided to stand to draw attention to above issues.


Time is running out for the environment and we must rise above party politics and show the politicians that this is an important issue to us all and then and only then will they start taking notice. The Greens are well established in Europe, forming governments and forcing through real change to slow down climate change and preserve the environment, but we need more, so please when you put your cross in the box against my name, you are doing so because you really care about your local green spaces, you want your voice to be heard and you really want to  starting making a difference.


17 Mar 2022

Introducing Marion Dunmore your Green candidate for Roundwood ward


Everything is connected.  Each of us bears responsibility for our actions.  While we face global challenges, what we do in Brent counts. I believe councillors are here to hold those in power to account and to apply our budget to a greener, socially just future for the whole community … by scrutinising spending and improving communication from the Council to improve awareness of the budget so citizens appreciate the role they play. The Council working for us – we all work together.


I am happily British by marriage. Growing up in an American family who campaigned for racial justice shaped my political views and belief in engagement for a better future. Living in Willesden for 20 years, I have been a school governor in Brent Schools, librarian in Brent libraries, and volunteered in local theatre.  I am retired from a career in libraries and teaching, including eight years at Preston Manor School in Wembley. I am a passionate gardener, allotment holder, and volunteer in Roundwood Park. 


I believe Brent needs rapid change to provide opportunities for our young people and to meet the challenges of climate, food, energy, and housing security. To meet these challenges, we must act quickly. 

16 Mar 2022

Introducing William Relton your Green candidate for Willesden Green



I am very happy to be standing for the Green Party again. I stood in the Council Elections for Willesden Green Ward in 2018, and also for Brent Central in the General Election in 2019. I am a passionate supporter of the party, in particular on environmental  issues and electoral reform.


I have been living in Willesden Green since the mid 80’s, and many members of my family have lived or are living in the ward going back to the 30’s. I have seen many changes happen, not all of which have been good, and am convinced we need more alternative voices on the Council rather than just having a wall of Labour Councillors who don’t seem to really engage with the residents of Brent, but rather more with the developers of high rise, high cost flats.


During the pandemic I delivered over 100 prescriptions and bags of shopping through Mutual Aid, I also ushered at Vaccination Centres and administered over 800 vaccines between April and August of last year.


Introducing Maurice Gold your Green candidate for Kinsgbury ward


Vote Green in the 2022 Brent Council Kingsbury ward election to demonstrate your commitment to putting the environment at the heart of the delivery of all local services. I was raised in Kingsbury and went to school locally and am committed to supporting the diverse and vibrant population of the area. But above all I champion promoting environmental matters as paramount in all Brent Council’s activities: to combat climate change and global warming, reduce air and water pollution, and lessen species collapse by encouraging biodiversity. 


In recent years I have been deeply involved in a number of local Green initiatives. I have been instrumental in winning a major 2021/22 Neighbourhood Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) grant to improve the Slough Lane access into Fryent Country Park – the work will start later this year. I have managed a Brent Heritage for Wellbeing initiative for the benefit of local residents. I also undertake voluntary work throughout the year with a local charity to improve local habitats and nature reserves.

Introducing Baston De'Medici-Jaguar your Green candidate for Kenton


Councillors are elected by the people to serve the interest of the people. With this duty comes the responsibility to be accountable to and to be open with the people. I have noticed that the present forum of councillors has failed in this area by hiding behind formal transparency. We need openness from those who represent us: 


·      Openness about the policy decisions that they make;

·      Openness about the true motive of these decisions; and

·      Openness in what they decide to tell us. 


By this, I mean, all communication must be so structured that anyone can understand what is written and being disseminated. This also includes making timely and considerate responses for requested information regardless of whoever is requesting it. 


Secrecy (the seed of tyranny and the promulgation of self-interest) has been too often used as a buffer to responsibility and accountability in Brent, and this needs to end. If I am elected councillor, one of my main objectives will be to work to tear down this veil of formal transparency so that the council can be held accountable for every decision it makes. And that these decisions, where appropriate, must take into consideration the views of all residents, and must benefit all. 

Introducing Simon Erskine your Green candidate for Stonebridge ward


I wish to stand because I believe that the Earth is at a cross-roads. We can choose, as a society, to continue business as usual and end up with a planet which is barely habitable, and only for a small fraction of the current world’s population – or we can choose to follow climate science and move towards keeping the average temperature rise from pre-industrial levels to below 1.5C. But climate is not the only existential threat facing humankind. We have entered the 6th mass extinction in the history of the planet – and if we continue to lose nature at the current rate then we will soon find that we have lost crucial parts of the jigsaw of life that are essential to our survival. There are plenty of other crucial environmental issues to be tackled – including plastic waste, air quality, environmental justice. But the Green Party is about much more than the environment. We need a society that is truly equal.


People should vote for me because the Green Party is the only one that will campaign fearlessly on all these issues.

WEBINAR: Creating greener communities March 17th 6-7.30pm

 From Brent Environment Network

Join us tomorrow evening at (6pm) for our free webinar! Creating Greener Communities: Why nature and biodiversity is vital

Nature and Biodiversity Webinar

Join us for a free webinar Thursday 17th March 2022 (6:00pm-7:30pm)  to hear from expert speakers and learn about why nature and biodiversity are so important to the functioning of our planet, and how you can maximise the opportunities on your doorstep to make Brent a greener, more biodiverse and healthier community for all.

Our speakers include:

Our climate is changing and our world is getting hotter. But have you ever stepped back to think, what do rising temperatures actually mean for all of the amazing nature, biodiversity and ecosystems that surround us?

Tackling the climate emergency also means tackling the ecological emergency which comes with it. Our ecosystems are precious and delicate, even small changes can have negative consequences. Rising temperatures and more extreme weather events in the future could have a catastrophic effect on wildlife habitats and biodiversity locally. Protecting nature and boosting biodiversity are key to the stability of the ecosystem and global climate.

At a local level in Brent we have 90 parks and green open spaces to enjoy, alongside pioneering bee corridors and wonderful wildflower meadows plus our ‘blue spaces’ - such as the waterways which exist within the borough, including the river which gives Brent its name!.Click here - register now

Our speakers include:

• Sarah Taylor - Senior Specialist, Natural England

• Juliette Young - Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, Greater London Authority

• Lucy Shuker - Catchment Partnerships Development Manager, Thames 21

• `Jemima Morris - Project Manager - Brent Goes WildYoung Brent Foundation

• Vrinda Lobo – Secretary, Barnhill Conservation Group

Introducing Richard Porter, your Green candidate for Barnhill ward



I am very happy to be a candidate for the Green Party again. I first stood in my former home of Richmond in 2002.

I have lived in Brent since 2004 and in the Welsh Harp area since 2007.

I have been a fervent campaigner on Green issues since my teens. I would like to see Green Party representation on Brent Council to make sure their policies promote, rather than damage, the environment, in these times of climate emergency.

I would especially like to promote the insulation of houses, which will help cut household fuel costs in these days of rapidly rising energy prices.

During the pandemic I was an enthusiastic visitor to the local green spaces, such as Fryent Country Park and the Welsh Harp and want to see all is done to preserve these wonderful resources we have in our area.