29 Jun 2018

Join the Greens celebrating NHS 70th anniversary tomorrow

Message from Larry Sanders, Green Party Health Spokesperson

Tomorrow, I will be taking part in a demonstration in London celebrating the 70thanniversary of our wonderful NHS.

The event has been organised by a range of health and campaign organisations, including Health Campaigns Together (of which the Green Party is an affiliate), the People's Assembly and the Trades Union Congress.

We assemble at 12 midday at Portland Place, London and will march together to Downing Street.

The marchers will include Greens, including Deputy Leader Amelia Womack, as well as people of all parties and none. Together we will affirm our support for a publicly owned and properly funded NHS, that is free for all, and show our appreciation of our amazing NHS workers.

Yours in solidarity
Larry Sanders
Green Party Health Spokesperson

19 Jun 2018

Greens could be a strong opposition voice on Brent Council - Vote Green on June 21st

15 Jun 2018

Join the Brent Greens action day on Sunday June 17th and help us win Brent's first Green councillors

Action Day for Willesden Green by-election. Join us, take pics, help out, ask questions, grab posters & find out about ! Sunday 17th June 11am-1pm Willesden Green station.

Sian Berry (Green Party Assembly Member) and Rashid Nix (Green party activist from Lambeth) will be joing us. 

Our candidates are Shaka Lish (above), William Relton and Peter Murry.

Willesden Green election June 21st

PETER MURRY brief statement on Brent Advocacy Concerns and/or disabled people in Brent,

Could each candidate give us a brief statement as to how they would  help Brent Advocacy Concerns and/or disabled people in Brent, if they are elected as councillors for the Willesden Green Ward".
PETER MURRY 15/06/2018
I am standing as a candidate for the Green Party in the Willesden Green by election, and as a disabled person and supporter of Kilburn Unemployed Workers’; Group, I wish to state that, if elected, I would work to ensure that Brent Council, the Greater London Authority and other relevant governmental bodies support Disabled People's Organisation financially and in any other way they need. I am concerned that the council works better to extend facilities and consideration given to Disabled People in Brent, and that the Council does all it can to combat discrimination against Disabled People. I am particularly concerned about the difficulties Disabled People experience in traveling around the borough and wish to campaign for:
·      Step free access to trains at all stations, especially Willesden Green.
·      Longer times allowed to use zebra crossings
·      Pressure on Transport for London to ensure that bus drivers always lower buses to assist Disabled People to board, always stop exactly at bus stops, and always wait for passengers to be seated or standing securely before moving off.