21 Dec 2015

Spanish Green and anti-austerity election success hailed by Natalie Bennett

The Green Party has welcomed the huge electoral progress made by anti-austerity parties in  yesterday's he Spanish General Election.

In the weekend elections, the new party Podemos, with which the Spanish Green Party (Equo) has a partnership, won 20.7% of the vote, while another new party, Ciudadanos, won 13.9%.
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who recorded a Green/Podemos message of support before the vote, said:
I congratulate the three Green MPs Rosa Martinez and Juantxo Uralde in the Basque Country and Jorge Luis in Aragon on their election and also Podemos for the historic level of support it won.

This is a powerful boost to the anti-austerity battle across Europe, and a further sign that politics is changing fast.

Podemos and Greens are offering a new open, democratic politics, one that offers the prospect of self-determination for Catalonia, support for grassroots campaigns and organisations, and a vision of a ‘social’ Europe that works for common good, not for the 1%.
Bennett also noted, 
Women now make up nearly 40% of the Spanish parliament – helped by half of the elected Podemos candidates being female. That puts a further spotlight on the scant progress made in Britain, where only 29% of Westminster MPs are female.

16 Dec 2015

Brent Public meeting "Prevent: Protecting Our Liberty?" 10/12/2015

Brent Public meeting "Prevent: Protecting Our Liberty?" 10/12/2015:See also

Introductions by Humera Khan, Al Nisa society.

Khalida Khan, Al Nisa society.


Rizwan Hussain, speaking for Brent Anti Racism Campaign and the community organisation Jawaab,

 Bill Bolloten, from Education Not Surveillance

 Kiri Tunks speaking for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

 Shahrar Ali, Deputy Leader of the Green Party

Brent Councillor Harbi Farah

8 Dec 2015

Is the Prevent Strategy counter-productive? Public Meeting Thursday December 10th

Prevent is the government strategy aimed at preventing young people becoming 'extremists'. It requires workers in education, health and social services to report them if they show signs of extremism. It hs been criticised for targeting the whole Muslim community and having the effect of closing down free expression in schools and colleges. Children as young as three years old have been reported for 'extremist' views.

There are fears that the strategy will be counter-productive, create suspicion and division and undermine the trusting relationship between teachers, parents and students.

The meeting will include speakers from education, the local community and anti-racist campaigns, Shahrar Ali will be speaking from the Green Party.

It is at London Interfaith Centre, 125 Salusbury Road, Queens Park, NW6 6RG. Queens Park or Brondesbury Park station or bus 206. 7pm-9pm December 10th

5 Dec 2015

Jafar Hassan: fresh ideas, independence & integrity - that's what Kensal Green residents deserve

Jafar Hassan is standing for the Green Party in the Kensal Green by-election which will be held in December 17th.

This is his message
The Green Party came second to Labour in Kensal Green at the last council election so it's vital that everyone in the area goes out to the polls on 17 December to make their vote count. Brent Council needs change and I believe I'm the right person to do that. Whether in Parliament, the GLA or on London councils such as Islington, the Green Party has proved that though few in number we can make a huge difference.

Brent Council is dominated by weak Labour councillors, a divided Conservative opposition, and a single ineffectual Liberal Democrat. The Green Party can win in Kensal Green so I hope that the people here will vote for me  on 17 December.  I will hold the Council to account and put forward positive ideas to fix Brent’s lack of affordable housing, shortage of school places, poor handling of regeneration projects and the cluelessness when it comes to tackling fuel poverty and making homes energy efficient.
The Green Party beat both Liberal Democrats and Tories to come second behind Labour in the  May 2014 local elections.

To help with Jafar's campaign contact him at