19 Aug 2020

Emma Wallace selected as Green Party candidate for Brent & Harrow GLA Constituency

Emma Wallace

The Green Party has selected local activist Emma Wallace to be their Brent and Harrow Constituency candidate for the postponed GLA election that will now be held in May 2021.

Emma, a librarian, has lived in Harrow for over 10 years and during her six year membership of the Green Party has been involved in both local and national politics and campaigns. She has actively campaigned to defend green spaces from development, such as the expansion of Harrow School’s sports hall on Metropolitan Open Land and the expansion of Heathrow Airport.  She has also fought to protect public services from closure including local libraries and NHS Walk-in centres as well as vital mental health services such as The Bridge Café in Harrow.

Emma said:
"I am very happy to be selected as the Green Party's Brent and Harrow GLA candidate for the May 2021 London elections.   I look forward to standing in this most multicultural and diverse of joint constituencies, representing the concerns and needs of its residents in my campaign. As a local activist, I believe I have a good understanding of the wide range of issues facing residents, from lack of affordable housing, to long NHS waiting times and encroaching developments on green land.  I will work hard to make sure Brent and Harrow residents get their voices heard, whilst ensuring they benefit from the best of Green policies, from Universal Basic Income to the Green New Deal." 

18 Aug 2020

beautify Kilburn station

We want to beautify Kilburn station by creating uplifting mosaics in free community workshops. To succeed we need to show support by local people for our funding bid.  Please click to vote!

It takes 30 seconds for your name and postcode. The deadline is Sunday 23rd August at 5pm!


Michael and Debra

15 Aug 2020

Not a penny more to Serco - Give local, public teams the cash

As you know Brent Trades Council is campaigning to prevent the rise of COVID 19 in our borough. It set up the COVID19 Action Campaign and is liaising with the council on developing a strategy which would prevent further dramatic rise of infections in the borough.

I have just been notified that a local demo has been called by We Own It opposing the outsourcing of test and trace to SERCO and other multinationals.

Test and Trace is very much in the news as we are approaching the Autumn and the need for an effective approach to test and trace managed by the NHS and health professionals is becoming more urgent than ever. Undoubtedly the privatisation of this service has meant that what we currently have an ineffective test and trace system nationally and locally.

Please support this local demo called by We Own It outside Brent Town Hall on Tuesday 18th August at 12.  The more the better. SHARE this information in your organisations and your social media platforms and do bring your banners- union banners, banners of local parties and other campaigns.

6 Aug 2020

Hustings for the Brent and Harrow GLA constituency selection

Is the High Street collapsing?

They employ millions, and form the heartbeat of the economy, but are jobs on high streets - in retail and hospitality - now facing wipeout?

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