31 Oct 2014

Brent FoE says No to Fracking in Brent

Brent Friends of the Earth Press Statement

For Immediate release 31st October 2014

Brent FoE says No to Fracking in Brent

In response to London Local Energy's application for a licence to frack for shale gas in Park Royal, Brent, Ian Saville joint Co-ordinator of Brent Friends of the Earth (Brent FoE) says,

“We resolutely oppose fracking in Brent, or anywhere else, and urge Brent Council to turn down the application by London Local Energy to site a well head in Park Royal. Fracking is a dirty technology that may seriously damage our health, environment and is very likely to worsen climate change. Shale gas is a dirty fossil fuel that will add to the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases in the environment. It should be left in the ground.

Regulatory systems are not strong enough to protect against leaks of toxic chemicals used in the fracking process. This threatens our soil and water supplies. Fracking uses vast quantities of water - in the region of 4 million gallons per well head – which are lost to public supply.

We cannot count on fracking to reduce our fuel bills. Instead we need to invest in renewables and energy saving to heat our homes.”

Brent Friends of the Earth have been lobbying their MPs and parliamentary candidates about fracking in London.


For more information contact:

Ian Saville, Joint Co-ordinator of Brent FoE 07949 164793

Notes to editors

  1. Local news item about Brent Council's response to the drilling application
  2. BBC news item about the licence
  3. Brent FoE met with Glenda Jackson MP earlier this week to lobby her about fracking -
  4. Fracking is a dirty word. The Government is threatening to puncture our green and pleasant land with countless fracking wells in a headlong dash for gas, with little thought for local people. Shale gas is a dirty fossil fuel that contributes to climate change, and poses serious local environmental risks such as water contamination and shortages. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it won’t lower fuel bills, and it risks taking much-needed investment away from renewables and energy saving. For more information visit
  5. Brent Friends of the Earth has a website

30 Oct 2014

London Federation of Green Parties lectures 28/11/2014

Drs Mae-Wan Ho and Eva Sirinathsinghji, Institute of Science in Society: glyphosate herbicides and GMOs.
Alternative Energy and the Grid: Jurgen Huber
THE DISASTER OF HS2 - why are we here, can we get out? Stephen Plowden
London Federation of Green Parties lectures questions and discussion part1
London Federation of Green Parties lectures questions and discussion part2

29 Oct 2014

Humble Origins: An Exhibition of Art on Paper

Humble Origins: An Exhibition of Art on Paper
Thursday 30th October 2014 - Thursday 27th November 2014

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 30th October 6pm-9pm

At BAR Gallery
4-5 Queens Parade, Walm Lane NW2 5HT

Exhibiting art that uses paper as its medium. Humble Origins looks at the diverse ways with which paper is still widely used for art. Despite the rise of digital and the move towards technologies in our everyday lives paper is still a fertile and cherished medium for artistic practice.

Expect to see a broad range of artwork including sculpture, drawing, installation, collage, pen & ink on paper, prints and more! All work is for sale and is affordably priced.
a tripod of galactic witches
Mixed media
autobiography of a gargling opposum

17 Oct 2014

Veg Growing Project

We've received a request from Elayne from Willesden Town Team:

I wonder if you would be interested in joining me to provide a project for the coming year about teaching young people between 8 and 14 about planting vegetables and herbs? I am undertaking a funding bid for ward working money (October next tranche of cash) to cover 3 areas: Poplars Ave (Sainsbury’s Willesden Green); the Post Office Willesden high Road; and Dollis Hill Tube Station. With 3 planters per location and 2 workshops (same children at each?)  

If you are interested please contact as soon as possible.

many thanks,

Transition Willesden
Making Willesden Green

7 Oct 2014

P MURRY seems to be having a sudden solo art show

Contact 07736525187/ email:

P MURRY seems to be having a sudden solo art show ( thanks to Brent Artists' Resource), from now until the end of October at the FOOD FOR THOUGHT café which incudes

The eccentric ideas of an artichoke
Mixed media
The sixth obsessional stance of Lionel Prism
Mixed media
Unfossilised artichokes emit odes
Mixed media
A renewed wave of opposition to artichokes
Mixed media
The unknown redemption of Lionel Prism’s artichoke
You never promised me an artichoke garden, why not?
Always an artichoke but never an architrave or an archmandrite
Artichoke, the skinwalker
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5 Oct 2014

Shahrar Ali slams Brent Council's racial discrimination appeal and internal investigation decision

Brent Green Party's Shahrar Ali slammed Brent Council's institutionalised denial of racism and repeated the party's call for an independent investigation into human resources and other matters at Brent Council in a letter to the Kilburn Times this week:

Please note that the Kilburn Times erroneously transposed quotes in the throd and fourth paragraphs. The correct version is:

One could be forgiven for concluding that the problem was institutionalised. In the words of the Judge, “No employer will admit to it [unlawful discrimination] and, indeed, discrimination is often operating at an unconscious level.” 

Shahrar Ali said 'One could be forgiven for concluding that the problem was institutionalised' - not Judge Henry.