18 Mar 2022

Introducing David Stevens your Green candidiate for Welsh Harp ward



I am standing for the Greens on the basis that they are the only party that can be trusted on the environment, the other parties will say they support the environment, but then do exactly the opposite. In Labour’s case they have approved planning applications which have seen the destruction of green spaces right next to one of the mostly highly polluted roads in London, green spaces which absorb the noxious vehicle emissions. This has been done this with little or no consultation, with my fellow residents. 


Of all the boroughs Brent has one of the lowest for cycling provisions. I have lived in Brent all my life, I know its people and places, I’ve travelled all across the globe, but its the one place I call home, but I’m seeing my “home” being eroded and mismanaged, mainly for the benefit of the developers, with no thought given to local services like hospitals, schools and transport provisions. Previously I have been content to merely, when required, put my cross in a box and think I was doing my bit. However, it has become apparent that this isn’t enough, especially in a borough, where your vote is taken for granted and where there’s virtually no opposition and no democracy. I have therefore decided to stand to draw attention to above issues.


Time is running out for the environment and we must rise above party politics and show the politicians that this is an important issue to us all and then and only then will they start taking notice. The Greens are well established in Europe, forming governments and forcing through real change to slow down climate change and preserve the environment, but we need more, so please when you put your cross in the box against my name, you are doing so because you really care about your local green spaces, you want your voice to be heard and you really want to  starting making a difference.


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