23 Jul 2010

Public meeting against the cuts organised by Brent Trades Union Council Wednesday July 28th

Public meeting against the cuts being organised by Brent Trades Union Council for next Wednesday July 28th 7.30 pm in Space2 at the Willesden Green Library Centre (map with directions also attached). The speakers are John McDonnell MP, Jerry Hicks from the UNITE union, Clara Osagiede from the RMT cleaners' campaign speaking on behalf of the Right to Work Campaign and Ann O'Neill from Brent Mencap. The chair will be Pete Firmin CWU, President of Brent Trades Union Council.
There will be plenty of time and opportunity for people to speak from the floor. The aim of the meeting is to build an ongoing united campaign against the Con Dem government's onslaught on working people's wages, conditions and jobs, on public services and pensions in order to pay for the crisis created by the bankers. BTUC sees it as vital to unite the public, private and voluntary sectors, service users with those who work to provide services, students, pensioners and unemployed. If we are divided and turn against each other, our resistance will be weakened. The proposed cuts and those still to come will greatly increase the inequality that blights this society and affect those already most vulnerable.
Please come to this meeting if you are able and please forward the details widely to everyone you know who will be affected by the cuts and could help build an effective campaign against them.
Yours in solidarity,
Sarah Cox on behalf of Brent Trades Union Council  

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