25 Nov 2011

Wembley Central by-election: Statement of Persons Nominated

The duly nominated candidates for the Wembley Central by-election on 22 December 2011 are as follows:

Conservative Party: Madhuri Davda
GREEN PARTY: Martin Francis (pictured)
Lib Dems: Afifa Pervez
Labour Party: Krupa Sheth

from the Official Statement of Persons Nominated.

As is typical, at time of posting, information about the Wembley Central by-election is extremely difficult to find on the Council's website. You won't find it linked from Councillors Democracy and Elections or the Elections sub-page. You might just spot it on the home page if you happen to look at the busy banner at the right moment. Probably you will have to resort to a search, which assumes you already know what you are looking for, and that you will dismiss the first search result for 2009 as history.

The LibDems have been complaining about the timing of the by-election, saying it has been scheduled just before Christmas to make it harder to notice. I doubt they have any evidential basis for this claim. However, it would be good if Brent could make the political fixture easier to find on their own website, and not just by people who already know about it. It would also be good to get a clear public statement from Jayesh Mistry why he resigned, instead of second hand statements and rumours.

Brent Green Party is delighted with the nomination of Martin Francis, who represents the only credible challenge to the decimation of our front line services at the ballot box. Martin will be regularly blogging at Wembley Matters and further by-election updates will follow on both these sites.

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