6 Nov 2013

Mass Council Tax Summons in Brent

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mass Council Tax Summons

 in Brent

BBC London TV News was out at Willesden Magistrates Court
 today, covering reaction to Brent Council's mass summons
 of 512 people over  Council Tax matters — where only 22 
turned up! The protest was organised largely by Unite 
Community and anti-debt charity Zacchaeus 2000, with
support from Brent Fightback, Brent Housing Action and 
Kilburn Unemployed Workers  Group -- one of whose 
members was part of the early warning system for the
mass summons.The vast majority who did not turn 
up will be subject to liability orders that will deduct
'money owed' directly from their pay or benefits and 
make them subject to court costs. Will anyone
responsible for this policy take the time or 
trouble to investigate why the 490 who did not turn up 
did not turn  up? Perhaps they were too ill, or out at 
work. As someone recently  tweeted, perhaps the
only part of government in the UK that is really
listening to us is GCHQ?I spoke to the BBC 
cameraman outside  while most of the 
campaigners who remained were in court. He
told me that he had done the filming of the Friday 18 
October  Camberwell Green Magistrates Court mass
summons over  Council Tax. He observed that 
Camberwell Green was a much better site for open
 air filming and perhaps the best bit of his
filming outside Willesden Magistrates Court in the
rain today as campaigners haranguing Brent 
Labour Council Leader Mohammud Butt. I had 
soon bored with the Butt-baiting,having heard it 
all before, and told Butt that he was leading
 people into quicksand with his 'only following 
orders' line. The cameraman took consolation 
in that his colleague was covering proceedings
inside Willesden Magistrates  Court, and people 
would later be coming out so he could  do 
more filming.

Morning Star reporter Ryan Fletcher was also 
present, interviewing people present.

Alan Wheatley
Secretary of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group

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