4 Apr 2015

Commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the suicide of Nygell Firminger

Tuesday 7 April from about 09:30 for 09:45, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group will be commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the suicide of Nygell Firminger who lived at 32a Cambridge Avenue, NW6 and was JSA sanctioned by the jobcentre in the same road. After being sanctioned Nygell fell into the hands of loan sharks and then behind with his rent, accruing volumes of correspondence with Genesis Housing Association to attempt to negotiate the paying back of his rent arrears.

After being evicted, Nygell broke back into the flat that he was evicted from and committed suicide the day before he was due to face a bullying 'group session' at Kilburn Jobcentre in early April 2012 -- the same week that the Welfare Reform Act became law.

On 10 July 2013 the North London Coroner ruled that Nygell's suicide had been brought on by the mental stress caused by eviction, and that December it was announced that Genesis Housing had sold Nygell's flat for £375,000. A later BBC Radio 4 'File on Four' programme tells a little of the background to 'social landlords' doing all they can to get dodgy money in order to fulfil the home building obligations coalition government has thrust upon them, but is far too kind to Genesis Housing and 'welfare reform' in what it reports of the coroner's verdict.

I have a sceanned copy of the Coroner's 'Rule 43' that i could send upon request to whoever wants a copy.

Alan Wheatley

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