DEFY THE TORIES. Street meeting leafleting Saturday 23rd May

Half a dozen sixth form students from Bristol schools, called a demo against the Tories and 4,000
came onto the streets. We're suggesting bringing this spirit of defiance closer to home with a Speak Out
 - street meeting and mass leafleting for the 20th June Anti-Austerity demo. If you agree, and I've already
spoken to Pete, Martin and Suj, this event will be called by Brent Fightback. We'll invite Brent Anti
 Racism Campaign and Brent Housing Action to take part and any other individuals or organisations who
 want to be involved. The suggestion is that we ask people to assemble next Saturday May 23rd at 2.00 pm
at the Jubilee Clock in Harlesden. We'll have a PA system and lots of leaflets for the June 20th demo. 
We'll have an open mike and people can bring placards to show how they feel about the election.

Are you all happy for Brent Fightback to organise this? Will you be able to take part?

In the morning, I'll create a Fightback Facebook event and send out emails to the whole Fightback list. 
I hope everyone will share, tweet, forward etc etc.