2 Aug 2015

The Green Party Trade Union group calls for Fight against vindictive Trade Union Attack

The Green Party Trade Union group is opposed to government proposals to restrict the legal rights of Trade Union. GPTU Co chair Noel Lynch said, "I am horrified at this governments plans to further curtail trade union rights which are already the most restricted in Europe. Trade unions are the largest democratic movement in our country, of which I am proud to count myself among more than six million. With wages miserably failing to keep pace with prices, we need a growing and active trade union movement to be collectively bargaining against otherwise unchecked corporate greed on members behalf."

 "The mayor wants to completely rewrite tube workers contracts for a 24 hour tube without thinking about the effects on the staff members family, well being and passenger safety. Rightly the unions are withdrawing their labour until tfl put forward reasonable proposals, that is a fundamental  democratic right. Likewise why should bus drivers doing the same job for different companies be paid less in some than others, especially when tfl regulates these bus companies.

The Green Party believes that collective bargaining through trade unions is a very basic democratic right, as is the ability to withdraw your labour. The most productive economies are those who recognise the importance of trade unions and see them as a force for good, such as in Germany where trade union reps sit on boards. Instead we have this ideological hatred of them by a right-wing Tory government. I will fight tooth and nail against these undemocratic, anti-worker attacks on the trade union movement."

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