12 Apr 2018

Introducing your Green Party candidates in Brent

Over the next few days we will be publishing short biographies of your Green Party candidiates for the May 3rd Council elections. Brent badly needs councillors who will hold the Labour Party, with its large majority and resulting complacency to account. We have done this as much as we can whilst having no councillors but imagine how much more effective we would be if we were sitting on the Scrutiny Committees. We would provide fresh, orginal ideas on how to improve the lives of ordinary people in Brent and contribute to a much healthier local democracy than we have now.

Here are on our first batch of candidates:
Lawrence McNally (Queens Park)
Im standing as a candidate for Queens Park in the upcoming local elections. Ive been a member of the Green Party for around 2 years, joining whilst a student. Ive previously stood as a Parliamentary candidate for Cities of London and Westminster, and whilst doing this I set up the Kings College London Green Party Society. Im really passionate about progressive politics, and putting an end to the one party rule on Brent Council. Im eager to provide balance on the council and hold it accountable for its decisions - for too long now has the maintenance of our roads and public services been forgotten. Id love to be able to count on your support on the 3rd of May. Thank you! - Lawrence
William Relton (Willesden Green)

William Relton has lived in Willesden Green Ward for over 30 years. His relationship with Brent goes back even further in that he spent his early childhood years in Dollis Hill and Wembley, and his grandfather was editor of the Willesden Chronicle. He has worked in the performing arts for over four decades as performer, director and management in this country and in mainland Europe. During this time he has successfully used his skills in logistics, scheduling, budgeting and time management. Local issues of particular concern to him are the state of the roads, the closure of libraries, policing, local planning and the provision of care. He is a passionate Remainer, a member of Open Britain and also of the Electoral Reform Society.

Shaka Lish (Willesden Green)
Shaka Lish has been a Brent resident for all of her life and grew up around Kilburn, Queens Park and now Willesden. Shaka appreciates the diversity of Brent and believes that is one of its strongest assets. She is passionate about applying Green Party principles on a local level and making sure that that voice is heard on the council. Shaka is excited about exploring innovative and inspiring ways to combat and tackle issues such as crime and anti social behaviour, environment and waste and services and education. Shaka would work for her local community on a dual basis – by holding a Labour majority council to account and also by representing and advancing creative and positive solutions that local residents care deeply about.

Simon Rebbitt (Northwick Park)

My name is Simon Rebbitt and I am the Green Party council candidate for Northwick Park. I’ve worked as a comprehensive secondary school teacher in and around Brent for the last 9 years. Working with children inspires – and sometimes exhausts(!) – me. It gives me an insight into the priorities and background and hopes and fears of the children, their families and all the wonderful people of this diverse community. I believe those insights would guide me in best representing our community’s needs on the council. More than that I believe those needs go hand in hand with our commitments to future generations to leave this world in a better state than we found it.

Peter Murry (Willesden Green)
Peter Murry, a retired Lecturer who has lived in Brent for 30 yrs, is still active in his union (University and College Union) and in the Campaign Against Climate Change. 
As a disabled person he  is concerned to improve disabled facilities in Brent. He is standing for the Greens as the only party that effectively campaigns for both climate and social justice

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