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12 Sep 2017

C04 Climate change Motion 10 and amendments passed unan 12/9/2017

 C04 Climate change Motion 10 and amendments

 Congress notes the irrefutable evidence that dangerous climate change is driving unprecedented changes to our environment such as the devastating flooding witnessed in the UK in 2004. Congress further notes the risk to meeting the challenge of climate change with the announcement of Donald Trump to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Similarly, Brexit negotiations and incoherent UK government policy risk undermining measures to achieve the UK carbon reduction targets.

 Congress welcomes the report by the Transnational Institute Reclaiming Public Service: how cities and citizens are turning back privatization, which details the global trend to remunicipalise public services, including energy, and supports efforts by unions internationally to raise issues such as public ownership and democratic control as part of solutions to climate change.

 Congress notes that transport is responsible for a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and believes that a reduction in carbon dioxide levels must be the basis of the UK’s future transport policy in addition to building public transport capacity and moving more freight from road to rail.

Congress believes that to effectively combat climate change and move towards a low carbon economy we cannot leave this to the markets and therefore need a strong role for the public sector in driving the measures needed to undertake this transition.

 Congress notes that pension schemes invest billions of pounds into fossil fuel corporations. To this end, Congress calls on the TUC to:
i.                     work with the Labour Party and others that advocate for an end to the UK’s rigged energy system to bring it back into public ownership and democratic control
ii.                   . advocate for a mass programme of retrofit and insulation of Britain’s homes and public buildings
iii.                  . lobby to demand rights for workplace environmental reps iv. lobby for the establishment of a Just Transition strategy for those workers affected by the industrial changes necessary to develop a more environmentally sustainable future for all, and develop practical steps needed to achieve this as integral to industrial strategy v. consult with all affiliates to seek input into the development of a cross sector industrial strategy that works towards delivering internationally agreed carbon emission reduction targets
iv.                 . investigate the long-term risks for pension funds investing in fossil fuels, promote divestment, and alternative reinvestment in the sustainable economy.

Mover: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union
Seconder: Communication Workers Union

Supporters: Fire Brigades Union; ASLEF; TSSA

31 Aug 2017

Transition Kensal to Kilburn september events

Transition Kensal to Kilburn

3:35 PM (1 hour ago)
 to me
We'll be finding out about local projects including Granville Community Kitchen where we're meeting. Dee Woods won the Food Programme's Cook of the year 2016 award at the annual BBC Food and Farming Awards from 9,000 entrants so this is something of a hidden gem in Kilburn.
Appropriately, we'll be chopping fruit to make apple or pear tarts at the same time as finding out about our fruit harvesting season; a new idea for a local clothes swap for babies and young children; the Restart Project fixing electronics and other opportunities to get involved locally. 
If you've got a suggestion or idea just come along and put it forward or email We're keen to help ideas happen and can connect you with a network of people and skills and funding.
Wed 27th September7-9pm at Granville Community Kitchen, 
The Granville Plus Centre, Carlton Vale, NW6 5HE
Buses 6 , 316, 36, 31, 328. Half way between Kilburn Park and Queens Park tube. 10 min walk from each
And a reminder to put your name down for
Queens’ Park Day – visit, say hello or volunteer (please)
Sunday September 17th 12-5pm (earlier and later to set up and take down)
It’s our biggest event of the year with thousands of people attending. Every year about 20 of us have an enjoyable sociable time making apple juice from local fruit and talking with visitors about what we do. If you’d like to help to chop, press, talk, put up or take down a stall please contact Joanna with the time you’d like to start. The more the merrier!  Joanna:
Visit Transition Kensal to Kilburn at:

3 Aug 2017

the biggest attempted privatisation of local authority assets in UK history

Gordon Peters of Haringey Green Party and Stop the Haringey Development Vehicle Campaign writes below to mobilise people to support the judicial challenge to Haringey Council and the march on 23 September. This is becoming a London wide issue. It is thought that Camden Council are considering a similar setup. There will be a meeting hosted by Sian Berry in Camden Town Hall to discuss that on Tuesday Aug. 8 at 6.30. Find out more about the Haringey campaign at  and

Please spread this far and wide!

Anne Gray

Gordon Peters says....

  Update on the Stop HDV campaign:

 A Judicial Review of this is being filed in the High Court this week [by 4 August] on the grounds of it not having been consulted on, nor   even having gone to a full Council, on equalities impact not having been adequately considered, and on the risk to public finances not being made transparent or explained. There was a successful crowdfunding campaign which along with local collections and donations has raised  £25,000 towards legal costs. The last update on this is on <>. The campaign is a broad coalition of forces including both constituency Labour parties, LibDems, Greens, trades unions, community organisations, residents' and leaseholders' associations. Despite this the ‘red Tory’ Labour Cabinet led by Claire Kober, who also is chair of London Councils, are determined to go ahead with the £2 billion transfer of the local authority’s Council estates, land and property including over 500 business units to a partnership with Lendlease. We believe however they cannot sign any contracts while this in legal dispute and a hearing could be any time through the autumn.

September is a critical month in linking this — the biggest attempted privatisation of local authority assets in UK history — with the various similar attempts at social cleansing and depriving ordinary people of their rights to housing across London in favour of corporate developer-led ‘’regeneration’’. We are aware particularly of what Lendlease has done in Southwark, of the Cressingham Gardens campaign in Lambeth, and of new developments in Tower Hamlets, and possibly Camden, and in most cases in Labour-controlled authorities. We wish to mobilise with groups such as the Radical Housing Network, ASH, Defend Council Housing, those demanding justice for Grenfell in K and C, and others to build a fightback across London sufficient to turn the tide against these ‘’regenerations’’ which are attacking the very lives of our communities.

StopHDV is calling a march on Saturday 23 September in Haringey which will have key speakers from elsewhere as well and we want as many as possible from across the capital to join. First details below:

The plan so far is to assemble on Saturday 23rd September at around noon at Tottenham Green (150 yards up the hill from Seven Sisters Tube station), then march from 1pm to assemble around 2.30 - 3  at Finsbury Park.  The route should take us past Seven Sisters up West Green Road along Green Lanes to Finsbury Park. Depending on consent from the authorities, we may have to reverse the route and start at Finsbury Park.
Finsbury Park is by two tube stations (Manor House and Finsbury Park.). It is also where Haringey, Hackney and Islington meet and not far from the Camden borders. No local Spurs match that day  (they'll be playing at Wembley) and no Arsenal one either, so no congestion on transport from football crowds.  
The start and end points should make it fairly easy for most of London to get to and from. It just needs building across London. Please tell your contacts!

Any comments/suggestions you have would be most welcome. If we all work together we should be able to build a sizeable march that could get publicity in the weekend before Labour Party conference, when a motion on Social Cleansing is being debated.

27 Jul 2017

Brent Connects: Willesden on Fire safety-3rd august,

I received a letter re a meeting of Brent Connects: Willesden on “Fire safety-providing information on the council’s fire safety improvement package for the borough.” At Willesden Library at 7pm on 3rd august, the council’s website does not seem to have been updated to include this meeting.

It does say that these meetings, (which also take place in other parts of Brent, are chaired by councillors and “At each meeting, there is also a soapbox slot. This is your chance to have your say on any issue that concerns you, your neighbours or your community.” which, I assume, can be applied for via the council’s website

21 Jul 2017

Wales this week repealed the Trade Union Act

IER News Brief 21/07/17

news brief
Friday 21st July 2017

Wales this week repealed the Trade Union Act as it pertains to public sector workers in the devolved nation.

Those workers who would have fallen under legislation affecting "important public services", will no longer have to meet the 40% support threshold on industrial action ballots; and will not face restrictions to their check-off systems or facility time.

Local Government Secretary Mark Drakeford explained: "We always said that the Trade Union Act was unnecessary and would lead to more confrontational relationships between employers and workers, undermining rather than supporting public services and the economy."

A spokesperson for the UK government said Westminster stands by its view that industrial relations is not a devolved area of the law and that it "will act at the next available opportunity" to make all public services in great Britain comply with its divisive Act.

The Institute of Employment Rights argues that the Trade Union Act 2016 must be repealed across the UK. Reducing trade union powers further weakens workers' ability to have a democratic voice in the workplace - an issue the government's own Taylor Review recently highlighted as critical to protecting workers from exploitation.

Lastly, a correction from last week's News Brief: A typo in the text reported that the European Convention on Human Rights would not be brought into UK Law. This should have read the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Our apologies for this error.
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18 Jul 2017

​​“There is no place for fracking in our city."

​​​Green MEP pledges to fight new proposal to bring fracking to London

13 July 2017
London’s Green MEP has pledged to oppose any attempt to bring fracking in London, following reports that an energy company is applying to begin exploring opportunities in Willesden. [1]
​​Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP, says:
​​“There is no place for fracking in our city. London is already in the midst of a public health emergency, whereby 9,000 people die prematurely each year as a result of breathing our toxic air. This proposal to begin drilling for shale gas in Brent would be catastrophic for the local area, which already exceeds the EU’s legal clean air limits.
Brent’s poor air quality is largely caused by road transport, construction and local energy generation. [2] Introducing fracking would simply amplify each of these issues, adding to the problem instead of helping to resolve it.
The potential consequences of fracking – including, noise pollution and risks to drinking water supplies – make it unsuitable for use anywhere in the UK. However, the detrimental impact could be much greater in a diverse and highly-populated city such as London, one of the world’s most water-stressed cities.
While the UK Government may be completely ambivalent to the dangers posed by fracking, Greens will not sit back while prospectors dig up our land. Alongside my colleagues, I will oppose any attempt to extract shale gas from under Londoners’ feet.”

27 Jun 2017

Clean Air for Brent - Let Us Breathe! Public Meeting July 6th

Brent Council and new coalition group Clean Air for Brent (CAfB) invite you to our high-profile public meeting:

The Air We Breathe: how  pollution is affecting us and what we can do about it at Brent Civic Centre, Thursday 6th July, 7-9pm.

Doors open for stalls and refreshments from 6.30pm.  Free event - all are welcome.

Speakers include:
World-renowned health expert Prof Sir Michael Marmot (view profile), Simon Birkett, Founder and Director of Clean Air in London, Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Brent Council , and Elliot Treharne, Air Quality Manager, GLA.

Hywel Lloyd of think tank, IPPR, will facilitate an interactive discussion. 

It's your chance to question the experts, learn what our authorities are doing locally about air pollution, and what you can do.

Nearly 9,500 people die early each year in London due to long-term exposure to air pollution; in 2016, there were 1,810 road deaths on Great Britain's roads.

8 Jun 2017

Voting in Brent? Read about your Green candidates before you cast your vote

Before you vote today check out your Green candidates:
John Mansook, Hampstead & Kilburn 

 and John were both on Kensal 2 Kilburn Radio the other week with Gemma Dempsey and if you missed it, you can listen by clicking below 

John Mansook had a good write up in West Hampstead Life (click the image to read the full article).

Also featured in that article is Poppy, your local super activist who also deserves a big thanks! 

Listen to John Mansook at the only hustings that occured in Hampstead & Kilburn
(As ever, you can click the image to listen!) 

South Kilburn is somewhere particularly struggling with challenges inflicted by Labour 
& where John received lots of positively for our Green message. 
To read more about what residents in 2014 described as social cleansing, click here:

Check out what Rashid Nix, our Green candidate for Brixton says about 'regeneration' like that which has been occurring in Kilburn & why its important we vote Green to send a strong message to local government. 
(Click the image to watch the video)

Michaela Lichten is our Brent North candidate"

and finally to share with your family & friends (click the image!) 5 snappy reasons to Vote Green 

thanks to Osman Noor, campaigns coordinator of London Green Party. 

For the latest local and political news during election day & live from the count.
Visit Wembley Matters, you'll hear the news there first from both Camden & Brent counts. 

Wembley Matters is edited by Martin Francis (An officer of Brent Greens)

27 May 2017

Shaka Lish wins applause for the Green Party's fresh ideas on education

Shaka, the Green Party's Brent Central candidate, was speaking at Education Question Time on Friday evening. Another video with all the Brent Central candidates speaking about education funding can be found on Wembley Matters HERE

23 May 2017

The Green Party has suspended campaigning today after last night's terrorist attack in Manchester.

roysandison via 

8:54 AM (31 minutes ago)
to greenleftdiscu.
The Green Party has suspended campaigning today after last night's terrorist attack in Manchester.

All national campaigning events, including the billboard launch and Welsh Green Party manifesto launch are cancelled.

In a statement following the attacks, the Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said:

"Our thoughts are with those affected by this appalling incident in Manchester. For young people to be targeted in this way is utterly atrocious.

"As ever our emergency services have done us proud - and we pay tribute to the police, firefighters and paramadics who stepped up in this time of need.

"Our country will never be divided by terror. The people of Manchester showed last night just how strong the bond of friendship is between the people who live on these islands - and in the coming days and weeks we'll show that we won't let terrorism tear us apart."

22 May 2017

A nationwide billboard campaign is being launched today across the country accusing Theresa May of being a 'threat' to our public services. The People's Assembly has hired over 40 billboards, mostly in key marginal seats, which display a large picture of Theresa May with the words 'I am a threat, to your local hospital, to your child's education, to your standard of living, to your job security, to your pension, to you peace and security'.


We are launching a crowdfunding drive alongside the billboard campaign so we can organise more advertising in the last week of the election campaign. We want to put up more billboards, adverts and organise actions across the country to expose the truth of Tory policies. We're taking back space that's usually only reserved for the big business and corporations. The more money we raise the bigger impact we can have, but we only have a very short time to make this happen and we've now used up every penny we have! The Tories get massive donations from a few millionaires but we have the strength of our numbers. Please donate!
Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of the People's Assembly, said "
She is a threat to everything we rely on from cradle to grave. The crisis in the NHS was created by the Conservative government and they're doing nothing to address it. She's snatching free school lunches off infants while her plans to restructure our education system will leave schools without proper funding. University students are being strapped with lifelong debt. Employers are allowed to get away with paying poverty wages on insecure or zero hour contracts and she wants to rob people's houses from them & their family cover the costs of looking after them in old age."
"In one of the most important elections for generations we want to expose the lies behind Theresa May's soundbite rhetoric. We'll do everything we can to make sure Theresa May and her government for the super rich isn't returned to Downing St."
We're also asking everyone to get down to one of the billboards and take a snap and share online with #ToriesOut.

Why not save the image and make it your cover pic on Facebook or Twitter?


  1. Barking (Rainham Road)
  2. Barking (Ilford Lane)
  3. Birmingham (Summer Hill Road)
  4. Birmingham (Tyburn Road)
  5. Birmingham (Lichfield Road)
  6. Birmingham (Bordesley Green Road)
  7. Birmingham (Lodge Road)
  8. Birmingham (Long Acre)
  9. Birmingham (Bordesley Green Road)
  10. Birmingham (Bordesley Green Road)
  11. Bolton (Bury New Road)
  12. Brent (Chamberlayne Road)
  13. Bristol (Laurence Hill Roundabout)
  14. Cardiff (Cowbridge Road West)
  15. Cardiff (Cathay's Terrace)
  16. Cardiff (Nantgarw Road)
  17. Carlisle (Port Road)
  18. Coventry (Albany Road)
  19. Croydon (London Road)
  20. Croydon (Stafford Road)
  21. Croydon (Purley Way)
  22. Leeds (Bridge Road)
  23. Manchester (Grosvenor Street)
  24. Manchester (Oldham Road)
  25. Manchester (Rochdale Road)
  26. Manchester (Hyde Road)
  27. Sheffield (Broad Lane)
  28. Sheffield (Penistone Road North)
  29. Sheffield (Neepsend Lane)
  30. Sheffield (Abbey Lane)
  31. Wandsworth (Garratt Lane)
  32. Wandsworth (Upper Tooting Road)
  33. Wandsworth (Putney Bridge Road)
  34. Manchester (Bury New Road)
  35. Wandsworth (Upper Richmond Road)
  36. Wandsworth (St Johns Hill)
  37. Birmingham (Summer Hill Road)
  38. Wood Green (Turnpike Lane)
  39. Birmingham (Icknield Port Road)
  40. Leeds (Tong Road)
  41. Sheffield (Penistone Road)
  42. Southampton (Mountbatten Way)
  43. Wandsworth (Swandon Way)
  44. Westminster (Harrow Road)
For a full list of exact dates for each billboard you can download the spread sheet here.  

The more you can do to help with this initiative the bigger the reach it will have, so please make a donation and get down to one of the sites and help us spread the message online. Let's take back the space and get the #ToriesOut.


The People's Assembly Against Austerity