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20 Oct 2009

Green Candidate for Brent Central on Press TV

Shahrar Ali, Green parliamentary candidate for Brent Central, contributes to Press TV panel discussion about Turkey and the EU. Broadcast on Sun 18 Oct 2009. On-line.

Summary of Shahrar’s line:
1. Green Party in favour of including Turkey subject to protecting freedom of expression and combating homophobia.
2. Not in favour of an EU neo-liberal agenda.
3. Integration as a two-way street.
4. Importance of open access to contrary religious ideas (copy of open
letter referred to).
5. Free speech as a means of overcoming all politicised religious ideologies.
6. Moorish Spain good example of liberal Islamic tradition.
7. Double standards of UK arms sales to Middle East.

Peter Beckett, Chelgate Europe
Shahrar Ali, Green Party
Suzanne Nuri, London Turkish Gazette
Frank Cook, Labour MP

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