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11 Feb 2010

Food Inc,

I am a great believer in books and films changing the world. Naive of me perhaps, but it stems from a belief in humans. A belief that we all are good people and want to do the right thing, and if we had the right information we would act accordingly. Even though it is easy to be cynical and point to countless examples that show this not to be the case, I still believe it - otherwise, I would give up and start flying to hot places for my holidays! There are more examples of people who do stand up to be counted, as you can see from these pages. People who are prepared to go to prison for their beliefs (thank you daniel) as well as the more mundane, putting in time and effort to bring about a better society. Anyway - what I want to write about is a film, Food Inc, due out Monday 15 February, which is about the food chain and the effects of an industrial food system in the hands of a few. Lightweight for a full-on established greenie, but its always good to have the detail filled in, to have a clear focus brought to what is happening. As well as a recap and reminder to greenies, let's hope that it gets seen by those who are on the cusp of awareness and inspires them to take up the challenge to change the way our world is run. I have some great books (Michael Pollan - the Omivores dilemma, Raj Patel - Stuffed and starved among others) which tell a similar tale - what happens to our food before we eat it and who profits from it. They are scary, but also inspiring (in a negative way - when you see how bad it is you have to do something). So I am going to dust them off and get reading - knowledge is power - and we need to spread the word about what is going on to our food chain. What has happened to our food chain is a perfect analogy to what has happened to most other things, and is causing the widescale destruction of our environment. The good news is, if we can tackle the food chain, we can sort out the world. We all have the power to chose where we shop and we all know the brands and outlets to avoid. So, lets get started. Read a book and go to the movies and eat good food.

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