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26 Mar 2010

Beatrix Campbell takes on Hampstead & Kilburn rivals

Green Party candidate Beatrix Campbell took on her rivals for the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency at a hustings in Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead on 25 March 2010, co-sponsored by the Ham & High (which carried an interview of her on page 4 this week).

In a wide-ranging debate, Bea spoke eloquently and passionately about the radical Green alternative to a failing economy (green industries), climate change action, MPs expenses, state funding for political parties, the new constituency boundaries ("a London for all Londoners"), the ills of targets in healthcare, and properly funded public transport. One felt that she captured the aspirations of the packed church hall, and their applause.

Chris Philp (Con) and Ed Fordham (Lib Dem) were certainly gunning for it. Fordham was good on local history when asked about boundary changes. Philp refused to be put on the defensive when challenged by Fordham about the ingenuousness of his claims to be financed by "local people". But one wondered whether his closing confession to have voted LibDem once was a somewhat mercenary appeal to floating LibDem voters.

Fordham's criticisms landed more squarely on Glenda Jackson, when he sought to expose her previous statements in Parliament on the claimed advantages of the Public private partnership for London transport. I was surprised to see that Tamsin Omond, whilst not on the platform, took no opportunity from the floor to make a point or two.

Over the coming days, I have three hustings to look forward to in my own Brent Central (so-called marginal with two incumbent MPs) and Bea showed all-comers how its done.

Caroline Lucas MEP, our candidate for Brighton Pavillion, has added her voice to the calls to save Whittington A&E.

Picture of Bea, wearing my donated but damp rosette, flanked by UKIP candidate.

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