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16 Jun 2010

Obstructive Works and Obtrusive Ark

Brent Greens have been at the forefront of the campaign against granting planning consent to an Academy school in Wembley Park. We object in principle to the privatisation of state education, and to the risk of harm done by lack of accountability for educational quality and lack of transparency of funding. For more on our previous campaign see Wembley Matters.

Unfortunately, approval was granted and work began on the construction of the Academy in 2009. Brent Greens have, however, kept a watchful eye over the progress of the construction work, to monitor whether planning conditions were at risk of violation.

This week pedestrians have found their right of way impeded by an encroaching hoarding. The hoarding is temporary and there does not appear to be any construction work going on between it and the true boundary of the Academy. However, the passing place has been significantly narrowed on a busy throughfare to and from the tube station and bus shelter. Brent Greens' commitment to road safety and pedestrian prioritisation is proven, after a long, but fruitful campaign to get Asda to redesign their loading bay, just round the corner from here (result).

The Ark Academy must also take better care. The following images were taken on consecutive days this week:
A further complaint (now aesthetic), is an apparent discrepancy between the colour of what passes for a structure on the roof with the architectural drawings emblazoned on the permiter fence itself. An obtrusive red roof structure is visible above the tree-line from a distance:
Notwithstanding that the following architectural drawing disguises the true height from the front elevation, it does clearly show a predominately plain roofing:
Shahrar Ali, Brent Green Party spokesperson for Environment and Planning
Pictures S Ali.

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