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22 Jul 2010

Potential Despoilation of SINC by Ark Academy

The building of a new Academy on the former playing fields of Bridge Road is not allowed to encroach upon a woody expanse to one corner, officially designated an SINC (site of importance for Nature conservation). However, it is not clear that this planning condition is being adequately respected. The pictures show adjacent stretches of woody area, with vegetation undisturbed in the first case but breached in the other.

Whilst the majority of trees on the protected area have not been felled as such, at least one tree has been damaged, if not destroyed, and a significant exapnse of undergrowth covered over with new soil. This new substrate has compromised the vegetation and flora that once existed as an essential part of the natural habitat of the woody area.

Protection of this space formed an integral part of Brent Greens' planning objection and is recognised in the planning consent itself.

Martin Francis, Children, Schools & Families Spokesperson, lead author of our planning objection, confirms: "Some of the trees are the remains of Repton's landscaping of Wembley Park, it was thought important as a site for breeding birds and a possible bat habitat. We were assured that it would be preserved and not disrupted."

I have already reported on the intrusion of temporary hoardings onto the pavement. Some of this hoarding has been taken away in order to facilitate rendering of the paving fronting the building itself. However, again, there should be no encroachment onto the pedestrian right of way when this work is completed.

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