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7 Nov 2010

Shahrar Ali on Press TV Agenda Panel: 16 October 2010

Topic: America: Should the Geneva Convention be Rewritten or More Rigorously Enforced? [click image to play]

Yvonne Ridley interviews: Shahrar Ali (Green Party), Andy Worthington (Caged Prisoners) and Rupert Nichol (secruity analyst)

Shahrar calls on Obama to shut down Guantanamo and other interrogation camps. He says that advocates of torture and architects of illegal wars must be brought before war crimes tribunals.

SA's line: 0330: Obama mountain to climb to restore US moral credibility. 1645: Legal remedy not just apologetic words. Need for war crimes tribunal. 2150: Abu Ghraib atrocities. Blair implicating himself in his own words. 2915: NO circumstance in which torture of children permitted. Queens Lancashire Regiment also implicated at the time. 3910: Drones and war technology lead to further dehumanisation in war. 4600: All states, including US, must be subject to the lessons of history through international law.

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