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9 Jan 2011

Green Party Oppose Phone Mast

Brent Green Party have submitted the following to the Planning Inspectorate in response to Vodafone's appeal against Brent Council's decision to refuse permission for erection of a mast at the junction of West Hill and The Avenue, Wembley.

We oppose the application on the following grounds:

1. IMPACT ON LOCAL ENVIRONMENT - The mast and accompanying street furniture will be intrusive in an area of historical and landscape importance in the development of 'Metroland' and unlike the
masts at Salmon Street/Fryent Way, NW9 in the same area will be visible from local housing. They will make a detrimental impact on a well used recreational green space. We are also concerned about the impact of the magnetic field from the mast on this important local habitat
2. ENHANCING OPEN SPACES - We support Brent Council's policy of improving open spaces in terms of both amenity and biodiversity. The erection of a mast would be contrary to this policy.
2. ALTERNATIVES Vodafone appear to have made no effort to ascertain whether alternative sites with less impact are available.

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