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28 Jan 2012

Willesden Green Wassail 2012: In pictures

On 22 January 2012, local residents converged on Willesden Green to perform the annual Wassail. Now in its third year of revivial in Willesden, this Anglo-Saxon tradition consists of chanting "good health" (literally "waes hael" in old English means "be well"). We were told by Rachel (pictured in green above, alongside Viv with loudhailer) that the plan was to extend the blessing beyond fruit trees to local shops on the Willesden High Road. We had our own song, and a couple of lines would be customised to take in the propreity names of the local shops and premises as we made our stops.
There was a great community spirit and as these few pictures attest, many came out in force, assisted by Transition Kensal to Kilburn in Willesden. I was particularly impressed by the political literacy of the slam poets in action (one pictured here).
Banner reads: "Willesden Green Wassail"
Gerry of Mapesbury Residents Association demonstrating a Wolf-Garten pole and basket for fruit-harvesting. I joked that he could have been the next Dyson.

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