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14 Feb 2012

Are Brent Lib dems airbrushing history?

If I wasn't sure whether there was a bye-election on in Dollis Hill, I know now , since I have already had two Brent  Lib-dem flyers stuffed through my letter box. The first of these gave an obituary for Alex Castle who was, until recently,  Lib-dem councillor for Dollis Hill. I was amazed to see that this managed to omit all mention of the fact that ,when he was a lecturer at Willesden Tech, (now the College of North West London),  Alex Castle was an activist on the committee of the lecturers' union NATHE (now part of UCU, the University and College lecturers' union).

I was a lecturer in another local College, Kilburn, that also became part of the College of North West London, but my time in the college did not overlap much with Alex Castle's, so I don't know exactly what posts he held on the NATFHE committee, but I do know that he was an active and committed Trades Unionist in an active and committed Trades Union Branch.

I am surprised that the LD's seem not to know, or perhaps not to want to know about this, but when your party is part of coalition that is mounting a concerted and swingeing attack on the Welfare State and workers' rights, I can quite understand that Trades Unionism might be something that you wish just wasn't there.

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