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10 Jan 2014

38 degrees petition against the "gagging bill"

Friday, 10 January 2014

38 degrees petition against the "gagging bill" 
4:49 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me
Hi Peter, thanks so much for signing the petition asking Lords to vote to fix the gagging law.

The petition is growing fast, but we need more people to sign it. Could you help by asking your friends to sign up now? You can forward the email below.

If you use Twitter or Facebook, please share with your friends using these links:



Thanks again,

Robin, Blanche, Maddy and the 38 Degrees team


Dear friends,

Have a look at this. I've just signed a petition asking Lords to vote to fix the gagging law.

The government announced plans to water down key parts of their gagging law. It’s not enough, but it is progress. If we keep the pressure up now, there’s a real chance we can get further big changes.

Lords gather for one of their last debates to vote on the gagging law next Wednesday. Lord Harries – one of the key Lords trying to stop this threat to democracy – is tabling amendments which would help protect freedom of speech. We need to help him win those votes.

A big petition will help Lord Harries win. He will carry it into the debating chamber - and announce the total signatures - right before the debate starts. Our signatures will prove to wavering peers that the public is against this threat to democracy.

Can you sign a new last-minute petition to asking Lords to vote the right way?


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