24 Apr 2014

A Wish and a Kiss of Spring

Easter weekend in Cricklewood saw a thousand wishes rise into the sky. The event curated by artist Kevin Vincenzo Keating surprised residents with an installation of a ten-foot wish bone. Kevin, along with his art group, Creative Cricklewood attracted great public and media interest in an event that invited the community along to make wishes and join in other artistic events.  

The event called A Wish and a Kiss of Spring  was a celebration of spring and was dedicated to artists and the community who continue to make their area a more inspirational place. 

 kevin asked people who were making a wish, to pause and contemplate then ask themselves what was the wish they had deepest in their hearts.

The concept was to bring to the surface a wish that may not have first been apparent or had been drowned out by the white noise of life, obstructing the one thing that a person is really wishing for.

 Many people paused for a while, some came back later. Many had to think hard or dared not wish for what they really wanted.  But once the wish had surfaced they were asked to proceed through the Wish bone, awaken the wish, hold it in their hearts and go forward to make it happen.   

 The hand-made wish bone  was constructed by Kevin in his home studio in Cricklewood. It was 2 months in the making and constructed of steel fibreglass.  Kevin calls it a symbol of Art and Regeneration.

Other attractions included free live portrait drawings by Tim Major and Mary Saxe-Falstein,  music  by Zimmy van Zant ,a fashion and  hair show  by Alina Valentina Valceanu and a poem and wish writing session by Hannah Gordon where passers-by were invited to write down there wishes  and have them sent up into evening sky with air balloons. 

Kevin is hoping to tour the wish bone concept to other locations.  For further info or ideas contact Kevin

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