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28 Sep 2018

I don’t care what Barry Gardiner whistles.

I take great exception to being associated, in a tweet made in the name of Brent Greens, with the silly and bigoted comments made by the Daily Mail about Barry Gardiner whistling the Red Flag at the Labour Party conference, 

Furthermore, I doubt if other members of 
Brent Green Party, or its committee will be happy with this being posted in the name of the Party, especially as the statement was posted without prior discussion or approval from committee or Party. This is because the Daily Mail is a Conservative supporting paper which often promotes reactionary and xenophobic stances, bordering on racism. It also supported appeasement of Nazism in the 1930’s.

Personally I am an ecosocialist, and also Trade Union Liaison Officer for London Federation of Green Parties and Secretary of Green Left, so I have for more sympathy with the sentiments of the ‘Red Flag’ than almost anything ever published in the Daily Mail;  what’s more I don’t care what Barry Gardiner whistles. 

I don't agree with Barry Gardiner's politics, but Brent Greens should be offering sensible criticism of them. Repeating the jeering of the Daily Mail could cost Brent Green Party votes; 

Yrs in struggle against misrepresentation
Peter Murry

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