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18 Oct 2011

Shahrar Ali interviewed: Is US Adhering to International Law in Drone Assassinations?

The Agenda: Is US Adhering to International Law in Drone Assassinations? [play, or click image above]. Shahrar Ali, Green Party, joins panel discussion about US drone strikes and assassination, with Robert Oulds (Bruges Group) and Andy Worthington (author).

SA general line: 3.10 "Brings into question accountability for who is making the call, scores of people involved in piloting the drone."

8.05 "Not good enough to say we didn't want those civilian deaths that we brought about. We cannot allow this kind of extra-judicial killing which results in erosion of international human rights around the world."

12.40 "Obama has pursued these tactics to the order of ten times more than his predecessor, assassinating people who have had no opporunity to make their case."

22.40 "There was no mechanism for these individuals to surrender. We have a legal system for a reason, to civilise these Wild West tendencies. Those who commissioned this need to be brought to book."

Also at Youtube.

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