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10 Oct 2011

Shahrar Ali on Press TV: analysis of Occupy Wall Street

Topic: Occupy Wall Street [play, or click image above, includes loose transcript]

Shahrar Ali (Green Party) joins a panel of political analysts to discuss the Occupation of Wall Street and growth of popular protest. With Arun Gupta from New York, Founder of Occupy Wall Street Journal and Stephen Lendman from Chicago, author of How Wall Street Fleeces America.

SA's general line: (10.10) These people are representative of the overwhelming mass of Amercians. Rising up in a dignified and civilised fashion, exercising democratic rights in spite of provocation by police.

(18.50) Important because we live in a globalised, international community. This is grassroots politics with a vengeance, its strength is the use of social media to raise consciousness beyond the conventional mechanisms to deal with an economic, environmental and ecological crisis of an unprecedented order. We need to find an economic system which values peoples labour according to what they actually put in.

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