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8 Aug 2010

The Big Society? Welcome to Big Business.

I was struck by this signage on the Barnet side of Cricklewood Broadway. "Welcome to the London Borough of Barnet. Putting the Community First. The home of JVC."

The home of JVC? What an extraordinary piece of product placement masquerading as legitimate twinning. What do Barnet residents get from such an association - cut-price DVD recorders from up the road?

Perhaps this is just one reason for the dissatisfaction of some Cricklewood residents with their council representation. This is the Council which recently awarded its cabinet record pay rises, "Barnet Tories force through new pay scheme after heated council meeting".

Fortunately, the welcoming signage for the Brent side is not quite so crass, boasting identification with Wembley Stadium.

Greens recognise that ill-considered signage and the illicit privatisation of public space has a negative impact on the social fabric. "The aggregate and cumulative effect of advertising taken altogether is to increase overall demand and foster a materialist and consumption driven culture which is not sustainable." (quote from advertising section, Policies for a sustainable society)

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