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3 Sep 2011

Asda Wembley Has To Stop Its Lorries from Endangering Pedestrians

In October 2010, I summarised Brent Green Party's success in getting Asda to recognise the urgent need for pedestrian safety when organising its lorry deliveries. In April 2009, after two years of campaigning and a public apology, we thought case closed - epitomised in the physical evidence of signage on the redesigned access area (pictured above). Alas, though less frequent, infractions still happen. On 2 Nov 2010, I got the following reassurance from Head office:

"I have now forwarded your pictures to the stores management team as well as our store development team. They will be able to look at ways of minimising any pedestrian danger when passing between the vehicles on the road. Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention." (2 Nov 2010)

Unfortunately, here is evidence of further infractions from last night (2 Sept 2011):

I spoke to these pedestrians last night (at 10pm) and they acknowledged that they had just been forced into the main road by this lorry jutting out and blocking the drop kerb crossing, and endangered in the process. How can Asda consistently get away with road safety violations that your common-or-garden motorist would have been booked for, if not towed away, many a time?These are double yellow, no-loading, no-stopping kerb markings, operational all hours. To make matters worse, there was no driver visible in the cabin. I have written again to Asda.

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