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5 Sep 2011

Please sign Street Cleaning Petition

Brent: Street cleaning

From 2 October 2011, Brent Council plans to cut the street cleaning service:
• Most residential streets to be cleaned once a week instead of twice a week and not long ago it was three times a week
• Reduced service on other streets including limits on weekend work
• End of the seasonal leaf collection ie no separate clear up of leaves for composting and to protect pedestrians
• 20 street cleaning posts to go

• More people having falls on wet and rotting leaves + rubbish not frequently cleared up
• Elderly people, those with disabilities and children most vulnerable to injury (or death) from falls needing costly health and social care
• More compensation claims against the council for not properly maintaining the streets (health and safety issues)
• Dirty, messy, shabby, neglected looking streets, reducing the attractiveness of the environment and quality of life – loss of pride in the local area
• A Dirtier Olympic Borough
• More foxes, rats and other vermin in the borough
• More people (street cleaners) unemployed

What to do?
Sign the e-petition on Brent Council website ( which runs until 23 September, calling for a reversal of the decision to cut the street sweeping services.

We the undersigned petition the council to reverse the decision to cut street sweeping services and to retain the employment of properly trained street sweepers.
(Started by Martin Francis – Brent Fightback)

Complain to your local councillor – names, contact details from Brent Council, website or Tel: 020 8937 1200, or from libraries

Get involved with Brent Fightback -

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