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22 Mar 2012

The Dollis Hill by-election is just coming to a close

The Dollis Hill by-election is just coming to a close, and just to make sure that voters will have enough to put in their re-cycling bins, the Lib-dems have sent round two more pieces of election literature.

Both employ their device of printing the statement of publication in very small writing so that it is not immediately apparent what the document is. One is a rehash of earlier anti-Labour leaflets that no where prominently say who or which party to vote for. The second is a letter in a cursive word processor font that looks like handwriting, from Sara Teather MP calling for a vote fro the Lib-dem candidate, Alison Hopkins. This letter arrives through the door in a hand addressed envelope.

Just the usual slightly deceptive  tactics that have characterised this campaign , and others locally recently, Lib-dems not openly calling for a Lib-dem vote or always clearly naming their candidate, and  above all, not mentioning Lib-dem participation in the current coalition government which is forcing cuts on local councils all over the country.

I hope that not many voters will have been fooled by these silly tactics, and any event I would like to thank Brian Orr, Martin Francis, Shahrar Ali, and Matthew Butcher for all the vital help that they have given to my campaign in this by-election.

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