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18 Mar 2012

More Dodgy Leaflets in Dollis Hill

Yet another two Lib Dem leaflets have appeared today and the candidate Alison Hopkins is at least becoming open about if the fact she wants people to vote for her, even if she is still reticent about which party she represents and still doesn’t use the usual Lib Dem colour, yellow, let alone acknowledge that the Lib Dems are part of a central government which is forcing through local service cuts. She can point out that local libraries are being cut by a Labour council, but evidently feels safer not mentioning budget cuts imposed by central on local government.

We can be sure that some earlier Lib Dem leaflets are for Alison, because they have carried, albeit in tiny writing, the legally required information about the publisher and who they are being published for.

This was not the case with another leaflet that I received today. Headed “GUILTY” the leaflet asks people not to vote Lib Dem. As this is something the Green Party also wants, I wish to stress that we do not use illegal leaflets to promote our aims, that this is not a Green Party leaflet and that the Green Party has had no part in its production or distribution.

We have produced only one leaflet. This carries the candidate’s name and uses the party colour and logo. It makes some criticisms of our opponents and mentions some of our key policy proposals. We are aiming to get voters to vote for us without contributing more the “Dollis Hill election leaflet mountain” more than necessary or issuing any publication which breaks electoral law.

Peter Murry, Green Party by-election candidate Dollis Hill, March 2012

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