11 Mar 2012

My sixth Lib Dem election leaflet (they must have run out of yellow ink)

This one has a blue, black and white colour scheme. On one side a large font slogan “Local People: Backing Alison” then some pictures of some local persons including a Liberal Democrat MP (Sara Teather) and a Liberal Democrat Councillor (Javad Ashraf), but as the leaflet nowhere asks people to vote Liberal Democrat, although it does ask to people to vote for Alison Hopkins, I do wonder why this party seems so shy of stating its name.

Things get really alarming over the page however.

There are a couple of photos of Alison, some statements about how long has she has lived locally. That’s fine. Saying “She will stand up for us against Labour’s cuts” is a bit dodgy, because the Labour council is making cuts at the behest of a Lib-Dem & Tory coalition government.

At the top of the page there is a picture of Victorian building which might be an example of the “luxury hotels” that the leaflet alleges that Labour councillors have been spending money on.

Then there is this:

What is it? A Labour Councillor? Something that Labour Councillors might eat in “luxury hotel”? Something that has just been eaten and regurgitated in a “luxury hotel”? All that remains of the pilot of the flying saucer that crashed in Gladstone Park in the “Dollis Hill Triangle” event of 1999?

Tell us what this strange image is Alison and why you are showing it to us, the voters of Dollis Hill need to know!

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