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8 Mar 2012

My fifth Lib-dem leaflet (have they run out of yellow ink?)

The fifth LD missive I've received since Councillor Alex Castle died came through my letterbox today. slightly more subtle than the previous attempt (see below).

This one looks like a mock up of a Labour Party newsletter, all in black, white and red (have they run out of yellow ink?). Page one is devoted to picture of something which I don't think is Dollis Hill house but could just be a luxury hotel. a brief story beneath criticises Labour Councillors for staying in a luxury hotel.

 The back shows another picture of the alleged hotel perhaps, it seems to be the same building. There is also a picture of two protestors holding a placard that says "HANDS OFF OUR LIBRARY", what is significant about this leaflet is what it doesn't say ie "LIB DEMS SAY HANDS OFF OUR LIBRARY". It is captioned "The Lib Dem team are fighting to save our local libraries", does that mean that the two gentlemen depicted with the placard are Lib Dems? The  text states of the LD candidate Alison Hopkins that: "She is fighting for our local libraries." Crikey, these guys do almost as much paper fighting as the SWP! But no where does the leaflet actually call for a Lib Dem vote. Why so shy Alison? Perhaps it's because you know that the Lib Dems are in coalition with the Tories and that they are, with their Tory allies, forcing through draconian and damaging public services cuts that hurt the poorest in society most.

As my single Green party leaflet will ask; "ARE YOU SICK OF ? . Lib Dem and Tory councillors who pretend the cuts have nothing to do with their Coalition Government." Further more it it will make no bones about it, nor pretend to be anyone else. It says its a Green Party leaflet and it asks people to vote for the Green Party.

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